A historical reputation.
homemade honey from Provence is one of the rare French honeys to benefit from official quality signs. In the spring and fall, this is the time when beekeepers harvest honeys from various plants: this is called honeys all flowers. Summer is devoted to the production of lavender honey. Finally, in the fall, hives will join the coastal strips for wintering and the eventual production of honey. None of these honeys are the same. At each tasting it's a new discovery! Notice to curious gourmands!
By the way, to buy a Provence honey with PGI or red label, it is to be sure of its quality and its origin. All have in common the foraging of the flora proper to Provence and the scrubland. You will find monofloral honeys made from chestnut, lavender, rosemary or Scots pine. But also polyfloral honeys, like honey all flowers.

Selection of homemade honey harvested by transhumant beekeepers.