In Provence, the aperitif holds a preponderant place.
Around the aperitif, the Provencal people love this moment of conviviality where the drinks are combined with many delicious specialties and yet little fat since they make the most of vegetables and olives.
In Provence, we offer olives, tapenades, spreads, poutargue of Martigues, cream of chickpeas, dried tomatoes, peppers, artichokes …. It is a true moment of gastronomy. And then, here the aperitif is a tradition, the art of life.
So sit in the shade of a terrace, put on the table aniseed aperitif or a glass of rosé chilled and then taste, enjoy these exceptional products. Take the time, nothing presses, with each bite it’s the sun from home that will delight you, an air of vacation that will accompany you.