In Provence, the mushroom is king.
The mushrooms from Provence are omnipresent on our soil. Provence is one of the richest regions in mushroom variety. The Var in particular is a picking area very popular with amateurs.
Black Winter Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is nicknamed Black Diamond or Black Pearl. The most famous in France and the most harvested in Provence. The cep is one of the most tasty common mushrooms of its kind. It keeps its swollen and squat shape even after cooking. Provence is the stronghold of chanterelles that have few representatives, but that very good choice. And then, in May all Provencal self-respecting impatiently waiting for the possible growth of some morels to accompany the last dishes in sauce that will disappear with the arrival of warmer temperatures.

Truffles, morels, chanterelles and ceps. Your taste buds will shudder with pleasure.