The best delicacies of Provence.
Provence abounds with small homemade sweets. A large place is made jams, thanks to the exceptional diversity of the terroir of our region. The honeys of Provence are among the rare French honeys to benefit from official quality signs (PGI). Provençal confectionery is recognized worldwide. Syrups, candies, creams and candies compete with flavor and aroma. Be that as it may, gluttony is a pretty fault in Provence.
Like the thirteen desserts, Provence is a land of delicacies. The small homemade sweets are part of pleasurable and festive moments, even on a daily basis. They bring a sweetness that appeals to all our senses: the sound of a paper of candy, the aroma of a pot of jam, the soft touch of a calisson, the color of our favorite syrup, the subtle flavor of candied fruit. They are synonymous with sharing and conviviality, whatever the age.