The traditional confectionery of Provence.
Discover the traditional confectionery of Provence with our selection. Calissons, chesnuts, berlingots …. All the products are elaborated according to the tradition of traditional confectionery by the master confectioners.
Calisson is a Provencal confectionery, specialty of the city of Aix-en-Provence since the 15th century. This confectionery which has the shape of a rhombus, very appreciated by the Provençals, is an unavoidable member of the 13 Christmas desserts. The berlingot was modernized by Gustave EYSSERIC, a confectioner from Carpentras. He added fine sugar and brown sugar to obtain a smoother paste flavored with peppermint, but also with lemon and anise, and always striped with white sugar. And what about the orangettes, invited thirteen desserts.