To give taste to the water!
Discover the artisanal syrup with the flavors of Provence and the French Riviera. From the traditional fig syrup, the surprising syrup to the rose, to the delicious Menton lemon syrup, there is something for everyone. Made from fresh fruit only, enjoy and rediscover the true taste of fruit.
The first footsteps of syrups goes back to the Middle Ages, at the time of the crusades in the Arab world. Indeed, the crusaders discover for the first time the sugar and introduce this commodity on the European continent. In the Middle East, they also discover this drink called “Charab” that we know today as syrup, which will win the hearts of the Western population. The name of this drink is transformed in Western fashion into “sirupus” then “syrup”. It was only on July 28, 1908, that the name “syrup” appeared for the first time in a regulation. Initially based on flowers and plants, today the syrup comes in all flavors and forms. It can be used to prepare cocktails or simply flavor water. But also, become a tasty ingredient in the preparation of recipes.