Red, white or rosé, make your choice.
Selection of a range of organic wines from Provence. These wines come from the Var Terroir, the oldest vineyard in France. Four centuries after the Phocéens, the Romans settled on the Provençal lands. They develop the vineyard and organize PROVINCIA Romana: Provence. The city of Aquae Sextiae (Aix-en-Provence), Forum Julii (Fréjus) and its military port then come out of the ground. Subsequently, from the fourteenth century, the great noble families of the kingdom, the notables and the great officers of the Royal Army acquired many Provencal vineyards. The modern viticultural Provence is born. In Provence, the variety of relief and climate corresponds to a wide range of grape varieties. Among the best known are syrah, grenache, mourvèdre and rolle. A whole range of aromas to accompany your aperitifs or meals.

Recognized worldwide, the wines of Provence are unique in the world.