With many influences, our gastronomy is one of the best in the world.

Did you know?, it is thanks to our climate, our love of the pleasures of the table and exceptional products, that the Provençal and Nice cooking remains one of the richest in flavor.
Discover the products that made the reputation of our region. Quotes, anecdotes, information …

The orange blossom

la fleur d'oranger

The French riviera, country of the orange blossom.

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Lavender party


The princess of Provence. Read more

The fig of Solliès-Pont


The Solliès-Pont fig has benefited

from the PDO (protected designation of origin) since 2011. Read more

The lemon

le citron de menton

The lemon of Menton has obtained the recognition of its specificity and its excellence by an PGI since 2015. Read more

The chestnut

la châtaigne

The chestnut is a fruit in its bug,

that is to say that there is a small skin (tan) in the middle of its flesh which shares the fruit in pieces when it is peeled. Read more

Mercantour National Park


The wildest of French national parks.

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The tapenade


Originally, the tapenade is a crushed caper with garlic and olive oil. Read more

The aioli


Originally, the aioli is a dish of Lent. Read more

The mimosa


The mimosa was imported from Australia in the 19th century. Read more

PDO Banon Cheese


Mentioned for the first time in 1270

in a picturesque description of the fair of Banon, this cheese has its taste originality of the technique, very rarely used, sweet curd. Read more