Know how to recognize labels.

The labels, in Provence and in the country of Nice, are numerous. Guaranteeing the highest quality, they reflect the quality of our products and the work of our artisans and producers. Discover the origin, the products and all the information related to the various labels.

Discover the meaning of the labels PGI, PDO, Organic and origin mountain.

The CDO and PDO label

label aoc


It is historically to fight against fraud that was gradually built, from the beginning of the twentieth century (law of 1905), the concept of Appellations of origin. Read more

The PGI label

label igp

The PGI was introduced by European regulation in 1992.

It initially concerned specific food products bearing a geographical name and linked to their geographical origin. This sign was extended to wines in 2009. Read more

The Organic label


Organic Farming is a mode of production that combines optimal environmental practices,

respect for biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources and the assurance of a high level of animal welfare. Read more

Other labels

origine montagne

Mountain Origine brings together the actors in the mountain hog sectors and guarantees pig production 100% of our French mountains. Read more