qui sommes nous

As far back as I can remember,

I have always carried with me the happiness and the pride of living in this beautiful region that is Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur …

Who can say the opposite by admiring the blue waters of the Mediterranean and the coves shaded by the fragrant branches of pines where the cicadas sing?

Who can say the opposite by contemplating, in the hinterland, the silvery grumbling of the olive trees on the hills and the immense fields of lavender where, wisely aligned, these pretty wreaths of so fragrant flowers attract so many bees and … of tourists photographers?

But this region, we must not only admire it, we must not only smell it, we must also taste it!

I went to meet these olive growers, beekeepers, winemakers, confectioners, fishermen, and others, I understood and appreciated all their work, their efforts and their passion.

They are not only craftsmen but also artists who give themselves without counting and this, in all weathers, with the permanent search for flavor and quality. I learned a lot with them and that’s why I propose, through my site, to appreciate this know-how, this love of good taste.

So sit in the shade of a terrace or a scented fig tree, put on the table the aniseed aperitif or a glass of rosé chilled and then taste, enjoy these exceptional products. As an aperitif, at the meal, for dessert, they are used everywhere. Take the time, nothing presses, with each mouthful, with each sip, it is the sun of us which will regale you, an air of holidays which will accompany you.

You will be able to appreciate these culinary nuggets 100% artisanal and natural of the Provencal and Niçois soil.