Terres d’azur, Provençal flavors promoter.

We cannot praise the treasures of the region enough. In these frantic times of mass consumption and globalization, we observe a gradual deterioration in the quality of our plates, an anonymization of the producer-consumer relationship, a breach in the essential link that binds us to the earth and to the benefits it brings us. This observation, which could be perceived as alarmist, does not, however, take away the credit of those who are trying, on their own scale, to move the lines, who want to stimulate a new dynamic, an alternative model.

And then the terroir of the South Region, it is also breathtaking landscapes and villages. A rare beauty combining character with the sweetness of life. Follow us on the steep paths, the shaded calades for odorous and convivial strolls.

Thanks to our comprehensive, intuitive and ergonomic site, Terres d´Azur also supports you in the production of dishes typical of Mediterranean gastronomy, drawing its influences from all of its coasts. The catalog of recipes is both fun and informative, the site tells the story of the products, details the traditions, quotes anecdotes …

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