Provencal and Nice cooking.
Simple recipe ideas, full of sunshine. The resulting cooking is, like our terroir, a gay, sunny, colorful cuisine, full of scents and aromatics. It’s an enchantment for the palate. I propose simple recipes, which I tested myself. Provençal regional cooking has a very rich culture and gastronomy. Crossed by the Rhone, the region has a multitude of agricultural resources, which offers an abundance of flavors and diversity of products. In addition, it is located on a zone of paramount influence: the Mediterranean, which is characterized by a large consumption of fruits, vegetables and wine.
On the Nice gastronomic side, the influence of Italian cooking is often perceived. Anyway, take your time for all these recipes. But, never forget that the Provençal has a clock in the stomach and here we eat at noon!
Enjoy your meal.


In Provence, when the sun burns, we taste a delicious ratatouille.

Ratatolha in Occitan, it’s stirring, stirring and it’s a safe bet that this name meant something other than this delicious dish of stewed vegetables that would be of Nice origin! A name not very pretty, which was shortened in “rata” to designate many stews … Anyway, it concentrates all the vegetables growing in our region. Read more

barbouillade de fèves

We are looking forward to spring

to realize this barbouillade of beans which puts all the family to contribute to … peel the beans! It’s a little tedious, but what’s good! Read more

Gratinated sea urchin

The taste of sea urchins is second to none!

The sea urchin, a small marine animal of the family Echinidae, picks up manually using a short spade, a hook or a simple knife. It is found between the surface and within a few tens of meters, in rocky crevices or on sandy bottoms. Read more

salade de pois chiches des rameaux

For the religious feast of Easter boughs,

the Sunday before Easter, it was traditional in Provence to eat a chickpea salad. Read more


Specialty of the Champsaur valley in the Hautes-Alpes,

these square rissoles were once served at Christmas dinner. They come in the form of a very thin paste pad, fried and stuffed with mashed potatoes and fresh tomme. They are usually eaten as a starter with a green salad with garlic, or as an accompaniment to a platter of charcuterie. Read more

pompe à l'huile

Unmissable element of the thirteen desserts in Provence.

The olive oil pump is sweet brioche bread flavored with orange blossom water or citrus fruits. Thanks to olive oil, the pump has a light and very tasty crumb that gives this recipe a taste very different from the ordinary brioche. Read more

bûche aux marrons

What if you made a chestnut log for Christmas?

A delicious traditional chestnut log, with homemade chestnut cream, candied chestnuts with a hint of cognac and organic hazelnuts. Read more


A delicious recipe made from white figs.

Read more


The Crespeou is a masterpiece of simplicity … and taste!

A real salty cake made of simply stacked omelettes. Originally from the Haut-Vaucluse, the principle has conquered all Provence, because it is the ideal dish to enjoy when the sun burns … Read more

les pieds paquets

This dish Marseille was invented in Sisteron, in the Hautes-Alpes,

to spoil the delicious lamb traditionally raised in this region. If the rich ate leg of lamb at Easter, the poor had invented this dish based on tripe and low pieces, long preparation but tasty result. Read more