His first name was ‘the apple of fools’

In ratatouille, caviar, stuffed, papet … eggplant is very present in the Provençal culinary tradition. Yet she comes from Asia …

It was by Arab sailors that she arrived in Andalusia and Catalonia, where she took the name ‘alberginia’. If we know it in Provence since the fourteenth century, then it has the reputation of driving crazy, hence its first name ‘the apple of fools’.

Louis XIV falls under the spell of its purple color and makes it grow for … the pleasure of watching it. It is only in the nineteenth century that the aubergine accedes to the status of vegetable, put to the map of the famous restaurant ‘the Provencal brothers’.

Now rid of bitterness, we like it purple (the best known, eggplant Barbentane, takes its name from a village in Bouches-du-Rhone), white (the sweetest), round (the best for donuts) or white and purple at once (the very graphic eggplant graffiti).

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