les herbes de provence

The herbs of Provence are a set of dried aromatic plants,

originating from the Mediterranean regions and, historically, from Provence.

This term gathers different varieties of plants such as thyme, wild thyme, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, basil, chervil, tarragon, lovage, savory, sage, laurel sauce and fennel. Some of these plants are part of the bouquet garni.

The traditional Provencal blend is exclusively composed of thyme, rosemary, oregano and savory. The name Herbs of Provence is a generic term, which unfortunately allows that 95% of  blend called Herbs of Provence come from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Poland and Albania in the lead), the Maghreb or China.

Impossible to be interested in the gastronomy of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region without evoking the herbs of Provence. Much more than aromatic herbs, they represent one of the strong symbols of our region and we do not joke with tradition! In the Southeast, we take the herbs of Provence very seriously. Because, for quality Provence herbs, it takes time, passion and technical. Although the traditional Provencal blend is exclusively composed of thyme, rosemary, oregano and savory, the generic term “herbes de Provence” is often used to describe various aromatic plants originating from the Mediterranean region. We suggest you to discover the characteristics and the virtues of the various aromatic herbs, as well as their use in cooking.

Thyme: a must in Provencal cooking. Thyme is a perennial Mediterranean plant found in the wild in scrubland. There are a multitude of species and is prominently featured in the bouquet garni and blend of herbs of Provence. Great classic of Provencal cooking, it is used in marinades, stew and stews. Its perfume goes well with lamb meat. In herbal tea, it facilitates digestion and relieves respiratory diseases, as well as inflammations of the throat and mouth because it contains thymol (bactericidal and antiseptic).

Savory: The savory, which has many nicknames such as the Ai pepe is used fresh or dried. This aromatic herb used in the composition of Provence herbs can also be used alone to season beans, beans and stews. It is also used, finely chopped, in salads. Did you know ? this plant is used in the preparation of some liqueurs, like the famous Chartreuse.

In herbal tea, it facilitates digestion and fights bloating.

Very useful against fatigue, it gives back energy and aphrodisiac virtues …

Oregano: an herb for your salads, oregano, whose fragrance is close to that of marjoram, is a perennial that grows in southern Europe. Very used in Italy, especially on pizza, it goes wonderfully with raw or cooked tomatoes and grilled meats.

In herbal tea, oregano heals bloating and flatulence, improves transit and relieves digestive and intestinal disorders. It has an aperitif effect.

Rosemary: Rosemary, found in the wild all around the Mediterranean, is one of Provence’s most versatile herbs. It is used to season duck or rabbit as well as leg of lamb. It also accompanies small goat cheeses macerated in olive oil, but it especially has the particularity of perfume sweet preparations, such as rosemary crème brûlée or jams.

In herbal tea, rosemary is recommended against tired, digestive and liver disorders, respiratory infections and ENT (ear, nose and throat), headaches.

You will understand, impossible not to fall under the spell of the herbs of Provence. Use dried mixes to give a little sunshine to all your dishes during the winter.