Born from the sea, sun, mistral, open spaces and ancestral know-how,

the Camargue salt is the natural product of the South of France.

The Salin is also the meeting place of the Mediterranean Sea and from the Camargue land.

The Flower of salt has been recognized for many years as the excellence of salt; a taste treasure accessible today to everyone. Traditionally and until recently, its consumption was the privilege of salt workers, on the saline. His harvest is very special. In summer, when the wind stops blowing, millions of salt crystals form on the surface of the water to give birth to the Camargue Flower salt. In respect of the traditions, it is harvested manually. Composed of slightly damp crystals, the Camargue Flower of saltl melts slowly under the tongue and delicately enhances the flavor of the dishes it accompanies.

The flower of salt has many advantages over fine salt: it has a more delicate but more pronounced taste, it takes less to give taste. It penetrates food better, in a more homogeneous way, and dissolves more quickly, which is why it is used at the end of cooking. These are the finest crystals. On the health side, it is less loaded with sodium, the sodium that causes all the harmful effects of salt that we know: high blood pressure, cardiovascular events, stroke, heart and kidney disease, risk of obesity, asthma, etc. The flower of salt is also more loaded with trace elements and minerals.

The Camargue salt flower is often more expensive than fine salt because it produces much less and is considered one of the best salt flowers in the world!

Its hue is sometimes pink and has a perfume with subtle touches of violet from the “Dunaliella salina”, a reddish alga that develops in saline. Oh Camargue! This sublime wild territory of the south of France. It extends from the Bouches-du-Rhône to Aigues-Mortes, near the Mediterranean Sea, where we find the salt marshes from which comes the flower of salt for sale on our site.

The salt flower has been cultivated and harvested in salinas since antiquity, in harmony with the fauna and flora.

What are the benefits of consuming Camargue flower salt? It is used everywhere, like a classic salt. Its aroma is the finest and delicate it is. It has a slight crispness if it is consumed quickly, otherwise it dissolves quickly, that is why it is recommended at the end of cooking or when serving, in table salt. Be careful, it’s dirty more than a classic salt.

It will raise in subtlety a fresh tomato and all your salads. Add in all your meats, fish, seafood, shellfish and all your accompaniments. Put it delicately on a foie gras or dessert. In short, everywhere!

Question quality, in the same way that you differentiate a good flower of salt of poor quality, you differentiate this sublime flower of salt of high quality compared to any other salt! It’s a question of taste, there are no two identical and this one is one of the best in the world!

Tip: Store in a cool, dry place away from light.