citron de menton

The climate of Menton is particularly well adapted to the culture of the lemon,

and in particular to a very important productivity.

The fruits are harvested throughout the year. Research conducted by the INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) of Corsica reveals that the lemon of the Menton terroir is rich in acids and essences of fruit. His skin has a high content of essential oil.

A historical reputation. In the eighteenth century, citrus cultivation was the first economic activity in Menton. Production was then massively exported to England, Germany, Russia and North America. The decline in citrus production occurred in the twentieth century, following the fragmentation of farms, diseases and bad weather, agricultural exodus and the strong development of urban planning. Nowadays, the association for the promotion of the lemon of Menton seeks to revive citrus growing by replanting and promoting lemon. The European Commission has registered the name “Citron de Menton” in Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) on 2 October 2015. This recognition recognizes the quality of the product related to its geographical origin.

The mild climate under maritime influence and the appearance of mists during the hot season, limit the accumulation of sugars and promote the acidulous but not bitter taste of the fruit.

The “Menton Lemon” is characterized by the intense scent of its bark, focused on the aromas of fresh lemongrass and its juice with tangy flavor and no bitterness. It is also known for its light yellow to greenish-yellow color when it is “primeur”, bright yellow intense and bright at optimum maturity and bright yellow, almost fluorescent, in full winter. Harvested by hand and in several passages, the “Menton Lemon” is not waxed and undergoes no chemical treatment after the harvest.

Did you know ? Since 1934, the city of Menton organizes the lemon festival for three weeks, in February. At this festival, floats parade through the streets of the city, decorated with lemons and oranges.

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