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The PGI was introduced by European regulation in 1992.

It initially concerned specific food products bearing a geographical name and linked to their geographical origin. This sign was extended to wines in 2009.

P.G.I: The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) identifies an agricultural product, raw or processed, whose quality, reputation or other characteristics are related to its geographical origin. PGI applies to the agricultural, agri-food and wine sectors. PGI is linked to know-how. It is not created, it devotes an existing production and therefore gives it a protection nationally but also internationally.

The PGI can be based on the reputation of the product, which is understood in the sense of a strong recognition by the public at a given moment, and which must be associated with a know-how or a certain quality attributable to the origin geographical.

The rules for the development of a PGI are set out in specifications and are subject to control procedures, implemented by an independent body approved by INAO.

The specifications of a PGI are built around a production area, production method and possibly the presentation of the product or type of finished product.

What is the difference between PGI and PDO?

The products benefiting from the PGI are a guarantee of qualities linked to the terroir itself, whereas those PDOs are a guarantee of overall superior quality for the consumer since all the phases of elaboration must also be carried out in the geographical area and the reproduction. of the product is forbidden out of its soil. The specifications of a PDO devote a tradition, a typical excellence, a recognized know-how. It is thus the richness and the specificity of the products which are thus protected against imitations.


Lemon of Menton

-Apple of high Durance

-Pertuis potatoes (in the course of homologation)

-Rice of Camargue

flour of small spelled of Haute Provence

-Honey of Provence

Honey lavender of Provence

Thym of Provence

– Lamb of Sisteron

PGI Mediterranean Wine: Region

– Departmental IGPs: IGP Alpes de Haute-Provence, IGP Hautes-Alpes, IGP Bouches-du-Rhône / IGP Apilles, IGP Vaucluse / IGP Principality of Orange, Pays d’Aigues.