Flavors and men.
Discover the anecdotes and history of Provençal and Niçoise gastronomy.
Provence and the country of Nice have their own specialties, but also have in common a gastronomic tradition built on local products.
Pleasure of the table and joy of life in Provence. But also products recognized worldwide for their flavors and their diversity. Thanks to our exceptional terroir, the products benefit from many labels. They also allow to offer recipes and culinary preparations of an irreproachable quality. Discover the emblematic products of our region, the legendary expressions and the history of this fabulous terroir.


Anchoïade is a typical Provençal preparation.

An anchoïade refers to a traditional dish, its sauce, or the whole meal built around this “fondue meridionale”. Anchoïade is a typical Provençal dish. It’s more of an appetizer, but this dish can be served as an aperitif in summer. Read more


“It is the sardine that has plugged the port of Marseille”

is a French popular expression dating from the eighteenth century. In fact, the phrase is based on a true story, but a typographic shell made it a joke. Read more


The Bottarga is a regional specialty of Martigues,

and an old Provençal tradition that one worked at the time with eggs of sea bass. Today it is a pocket of mullet eggs, salted and dried. Read more


Highly sought after, it is reserved for the most delicate palates and holds all its promises with subtlety.

Do you know bergamot? Mainly grown in Calabria since the 18th century, the bergamot tree is a tree belonging to the family of rutaceae that produces bergamot. Read more


The pissaladière is one of the oldest culinary specialties of the region of Nice,

found throughout the maritime Provence. Read more

13 desserts

If there is a tradition in Provence, it is the 13 desserts of the Christmas meal.

But why 13? Read more


Born from the sea, sun, mistral, open spaces and ancestral know-how,

the Camargue salt is the natural product of the South of France. Read more


But there is pesto and pistou! A little history is needed …

Pesto is a Genoese sauce traditionally composed of basil, garlic, cheese, pine nut and olive oil. It is the most consumed sauce in the world after tomato sauce. Read more

la truffe de provence

Noble floret of French gastronomy,

the truffle ‘rabasse’ in Provençal, is the only luxury product sold in the state, leaving all covered with earth of the rich terroir of Provence, region which produces 80% of the French truffle, the France producing two thirds of the world truffle. Read more

les herbes de provence

The herbs of Provence are a set of dried aromatic plants,

originating from the Mediterranean regions and, historically, from Provence. Read more