The Crespeou is a masterpiece of simplicity … and taste!

A real salty cake made of simply stacked omelettes. Originally from the Haut-Vaucluse, the principle has conquered all Provence, because it is the ideal dish to enjoy when the sun burns …

For 4 people: 4 new onions, 2 large ripe tomatoes, 2 handfuls of fresh spinach, 1 bunch of herbs (parsley, chives), 2 cloves of garlic, a dozen black or green pitted olives, 10 organic eggs , 5 tbsp. tablespoons milk, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Material: Salad bowl and a pan of the same diameter as the salad bowl.

Peel and finely chop the onions. Seed the tomatoes and cut into pieces. Finely chop the spinach. Chop herbs, garlic and olives separately.

Heat 1 tbsp. olive oil in a skillet. Make the capsize blondes, reserve. Cook spinach quickly with a pinch of salt, set aside. Toss the tomatoes with a little salt and pepper, until you get a thick puree. Reserve.

Beat two eggs in omelette with 1 tbsp. milk, a little salt and pepper. Add the scallions and cook in omelette in a little olive oil 2 minutes from the first side and 1 minute from the other: it must be a little runny. Place it in the salad bowl.

Beat two eggs in omelette with 1 tbsp. milk, a little salt and pepper. Add the spinach, mix and cook in a sloppy omelette. Put this omelette on the steak. Repeat the same with the olives, then with the tomatoes and finally with the herbs, so as to obtain 5 different omelets stacked in the salad bowl.

Pack the omelettes in the bowl by placing a plate on top and covering with a weight (tin can or milk carton for example). Put it in the refrigerator all night. Unmould the crepeou and cut it in parts.