confiture de pastèque

the most traditional Provencal jam.

Jam watermelon is not the red summer watermelon we all know. The interior is white and can only be found between November and December. It allows you to make the most traditional Provencal jam that has become rare and that we fall in love with the first spoon.

1 watermelon jam about 4 kilos, sugar (depending on the weight of the flesh of the watermelon collected 45 g of sugar per 55 g of watermelon), 2 untreated lemons, 1 untreated orange and 1 vanilla pod.

Cut the watermelon into slices. Remove the bark and cut the flesh in small dice. Cut the citrus fruit into thin slices with their bark.

Weigh the flesh of the watermelon and weigh the sugar needed to make the jam. Mix in a large salad bowl the watermelon flesh, the sugar, the slices of citrus fruit and the vanilla pod cut into small pieces. Cover and let macerate at room temperature for at least 12 hours. The watermelon will make water and bathe in its own syrup.

Pour everything into a bowl of jams and bring to a boil. Cook until the watermelon becomes translucent. The preparation must reach 105 ° C, which can take from 2 to 4 hours. It all depends on the water content of the watermelon, which varies a lot.


Fill the pots and close them. Return them until complete cooling.

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