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The aïoli

Originally, it’s a Lenten dish. The etymology of the aïoli is quite simple to understand: The word comes from the junction between garlic and oil.

Pie with chard

In Nice, the pie of chard is the cult pastry, tasted in all homes and mandatory on the table of 13 desserts.

Aioli garnished

Aioli is the name of the egg and garlic sauce that gave its name to this festive dish, served for example on Good Friday or for August 15th.

The panisses

Chickpea flour has always found its place in the cuisine of our region. In Marseille we eat panisses, in Toulon we call it cade and in Nice la socca. Chickpea preparation for regional street food.

Eggplant papeton

Specialty of Avignon, the city of the popes, this eggplant papeton is served cold in summer. Excellent with lamb chops.

Spelled soup

A delicious spelled soup. Traditionally grown on the Sault plateau in Haute-Provence, this cereal has a remarkable nutritional richness and a delicious nutty taste. It is now preserved by a PGI.