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Garlic in Provence

Garlic, your best health ally. Consumed in gastronomy around the world for thousands of years, from the Romans to the builders of Egyptian pyramids or the Americans after the landing of Christopher Columbus, garlic is an emblem of Mediterranean and Provencal cuisine.

Pump Oil

Unmissable element of the thirteen desserts in Provence. The olive oil pump is sweet brioche bread flavored with orange blossom water or citrus fruits. Thanks to olive oil, the pump has a light and very tasty crumb that gives this recipe a taste very different from the ordinary brioche.

Christmas log with chestnuts

What if you made a chestnut log for Christmas? A delicious traditional chestnut log, with homemade chestnut cream, candied chestnuts with a hint of cognac and organic hazelnuts.


The Crespeou is a masterpiece of simplicity … and taste! A real salty cake made of simply stacked omelettes. Originally from the Haut-Vaucluse, the principle has conquered all Provence, because it is the ideal dish to enjoy when the sun burns …


This dish Marseille was invented in Sisteron, in the Hautes-Alpes, to spoil the delicious lamb traditionally raised in this region. If the rich ate leg of lamb at Easter, the poor had invented this dish based on tripe and low pieces, long preparation but tasty result.


If the Lyonnais have the bugnes, the Provençaux, them, have the headsets. Fine and crispy donuts powdered with icing sugar or crystal sugar. They are tasted for mid-Lent, for Carnival … and as soon as you want to party.

Little Stuffed Nice

The little stuffed are a typical dish of the country Nice, usually prepared when the weather comes. It is a traditional recipe of the kitchen of Nice which shines the tables of the families since several generations.

The shuttles

In the form of small boats, they are generally used for Candlemas, February 2nd. They commemorate the arrival of the Saintes-Maries in the Camargue by boat. And if everywhere else we eat pancakes, Camargue, that day, we eat shuttles!