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Fresh goat’s couch with red onion confit

These goat’s canapés, gingerbread and red onion confit are ideal for an original and varied aperitif. The sweet and salty mixture of honey gingerbread and goat cheese, accentuated by the slightly tart sweetness of red onion confit, will delight more than one guest.

Nicoise salad

No salad, rice, green beans or potatoes are part of an authentic Niçoise salad. The only variation allowed, replace the anchovies with oil tuna or grilled. But never mix tuna and anchovies!

Provencal tomatoes

A true concentrate of flavors and sunshine, Provençal tomatoes are cooked in a pan. The real question that divides the Provençal: bread crumbs or not?

Watermelon jam

the most traditional Provencal jam. Jam watermelon is not the red summer watermelon we all know. The interior is white and can only be found between November and December. It allows you to make the most traditional Provencal jam that has become rare and that we fall in love with the first spoon.

The calissons

The specialty of the city of Aix-en Provence. The calisson is a confectionery made of a thin paste of candied melon (or other candied fruits), almonds ground together, topped with royal ice cream and placed on a matzo background.

The berlingots

Always striped with white, the Carpentras berlingot is recognizable among all. Tradition has it that it was made for the first time, caramel-based, under the pontificate of Clement V, the first pope of Avignon, by one of his cooks called Sylvester.