Provencal and Nice cooking.
Simple recipe ideas, full of sunshine. The resulting cooking is, like our terroir, a gay, sunny, colorful cuisine, full of scents and aromatics. It’s an enchantment for the palate. I propose simple recipes, which I tested myself. Provençal regional cooking has a very rich culture and gastronomy. Crossed by the Rhone, the region has a multitude of agricultural resources, which offers an abundance of flavors and diversity of products. In addition, it is located on a zone of paramount influence: the Mediterranean, which is characterized by a large consumption of fruits, vegetables and wine.
On the Nice gastronomic side, the influence of Italian cooking is often perceived. Anyway, take your time for all these recipes. But, never forget that the Provençal has a clock in the stomach and here we eat at noon!
Enjoy your meal.


If the Lyonnais have the bugnes, the Provençaux, them, have the headsets.

Fine and crispy donuts powdered with icing sugar or crystal sugar. They are tasted for mid-Lent, for Carnival … and as soon as you want to party. Read more


The little stuffed are a typical dish of the country Nice,

usually prepared when the weather comes. It is a traditional recipe of the kitchen of Nice which shines the tables of the families since several generations. Read more


In the form of small boats, they are generally used for Candlemas, February 2nd.

They commemorate the arrival of the Saintes-Maries in the Camargue by boat. And if everywhere else we eat pancakes, Camargue, that day, we eat shuttles! Read more

aïgo boulido

This ancestor of the detox soups,

was served after the big festive meals. A grandmother’s remedy to rediscover. Read more

soupe au pistou

It’s more a complete dish than a soup.

It is certainly adapted from a Genoese recipe. Read more


The barigoule was originally a mushroom that grew on the roots of thistles.

Today only his name remains. Read more

tourte aux blettes

In Nice, the pie of chard is the cult pastry,

tasted in all homes and mandatory on the table of 13 desserts. Read more

aîoli garni

Aioli is the name of the egg and garlic sauce

that gave its name to this festive dish, served for example on Good Friday or for August 15th. Read more

banon mariné

Only cheese of our region protected by a PDO, discover it in marinade. Read more

glace à la lavande

A specialty of the city of Digne,

the lavender ice cream honors the subtle aromas of lavender and honey. Read more