Provencal and Nice cooking.
Simple recipe ideas, full of sunshine. The resulting cooking is, like our terroir, a gay, sunny, colorful cuisine, full of scents and aromatics. It’s an enchantment for the palate. I propose simple recipes, which I tested myself. Provençal regional cooking has a very rich culture and gastronomy. Crossed by the Rhone, the region has a multitude of agricultural resources, which offers an abundance of flavors and diversity of products. In addition, it is located on a zone of paramount influence: the Mediterranean, which is characterized by a large consumption of fruits, vegetables and wine.
On the Nice gastronomic side, the influence of Italian cooking is often perceived. Anyway, take your time for all these recipes. But, never forget that the Provençal has a clock in the stomach and here we eat at noon!
Enjoy your meal.


Chickpea flour has always found its place in the cuisine of our region.

In Marseille we eat panisses, in Toulon we call it cade and in Nice la socca. Chickpea preparation for regional street food. Read more


Specialty of Avignon, the city of the popes,

this eggplant papeton is served cold in summer. Excellent with lamb chops. Read more

sardines farcies

Nice specialty, these pretty stuffed sardines with spinach make a great effect once on the table! Read more

soupe de petit epeautre

A delicious spelled soup.

Traditionally grown on the Sault plateau in Haute-Provence, this cereal has a remarkable nutritional richness and a delicious nutty taste. It is now preserved by a PGI. Read more


The pissaladière Menton style. Read more

salade de foie de lotte

The monkfish liver is considered the “foie gras of the sea”,

its texture is close to that of duck that we usually consume. Read more

canapés de chèvre

These goat’s canapés, gingerbread and red onion confit are ideal for an original and varied aperitif.

The sweet and salty mixture of honey gingerbread and goat cheese, accentuated by the slightly tart sweetness of red onion confit, will delight more than one guest. Read more

croquets aux amandes

Nicknamed as ‘snack teeth’, they are very simple to make. Read more


In Provence we love anchovies and not just pizza!

To dip the vegetables with the anchoïade by nibbling toasts with the bottarga. Read more

salade niçoise

No salad, rice, green beans or potatoes are part of an authentic Niçoise salad.

The only variation allowed, replace the anchovies with oil tuna or grilled. But never mix tuna and anchovies! Read more