Provencal and Nice cooking.
Simple recipe ideas, full of sunshine. The resulting cooking is, like our terroir, a gay, sunny, colorful cuisine, full of scents and aromatics. It’s an enchantment for the palate. I propose simple recipes, which I tested myself. Provençal regional cooking has a very rich culture and gastronomy. Crossed by the Rhone, the region has a multitude of agricultural resources, which offers an abundance of flavors and diversity of products. In addition, it is located on a zone of paramount influence: the Mediterranean, which is characterized by a large consumption of fruits, vegetables and wine.
On the Nice gastronomic side, the influence of Italian cooking is often perceived. Anyway, take your time for all these recipes. But, never forget that the Provençal has a clock in the stomach and here we eat at noon!
Enjoy your meal.

tomates à la provençale

A true concentrate of flavors and sunshine, Provençal tomatoes are cooked in a pan.

The real question that divides the Provençal: bread crumbs or not? Read more

confiture de pastèque

the most traditional Provencal jam.

Jam watermelon is not the red summer watermelon we all know. The interior is white and can only be found between November and December. It allows you to make the most traditional Provencal jam that has become rare and that we fall in love with the first spoon. Read more

fleur de courgette

The ideal flowers to offer to a gourmet!

They are found in the region of Nice, sometimes in a bouquet, usually with a tiny zucchini. Read more