Garlic, your best health ally.

Consumed in gastronomy around the world for thousands of years, from the Romans to the builders of Egyptian pyramids or the Americans after the landing of Christopher Columbus, garlic is an emblem of Mediterranean and Provencal cuisine.

Renowned for its benefits to the body as well as its taste and smell so appreciated, garlic has always been perceived as a universal remedy in all civilizations.

No cooking in Provence without garlic!

Still need to know how to dose it! A “garlic tip” refers to the amount that can be put on the tip of a sharp knife. When the garlic is fresh, it is pounded in the vinaigrette to accompany a green salad, or just rubbed on a crouton before pouring the soup. Cooked garlic is often put back in the oil before the other ingredients are in the casserole. Or left in its envelope and cooked at the same time as a roast meat. It is the essential companion of Provençal tomatoes, fried mushrooms, and pesto.

The tool, the garlic press, is recommended. Very often the garlic is crushed without peeling it before adding it to the preparation. In a baking dish, a few cloves in the shirt will perfume your dish, and produce an excellent melting cream.

Garlic saves life!

It reduces tension, promotes sleep … what a good nap that we do after an aioli! It is also a stimulant and stomachic in the famous aïgo boulido soup. Plant garlic around peach trees to avoid leaf blistering. If your nails are in bad shape, rub them with garlic.

In Provence the capital of garlic is Piolenc. Piolenc’s garlic has a different scent, it is very powerful. Also, the producers of Piolenc Ail have all the legitimacy to engage a quality approach: PGI Ail de Piolenc. Recognition that will communicate on this exceptional product but also to further develop the production while preserving its quality.